Didja ever?

Have one of those days?   Yesterday was a Monday….today was another Monday…wonder what tomorrow will be???  Hopefully,  NOT a Monday, LOLOL.

Life has been busy.  Both home and work.   Ernie is busily mowing, weedeating and hauling rock.  He’s cleared another good bit of area.   There are still areas to clear, trees to fell and rocks to haul.  He definitely has more stamina than I do to be out in the sun and heat doing manual labor. 

The Housing Authority is supplying backpacks and school supplies for the 20 or so children who signed up for them.   Yesterday was spent sorting school supplies and figuring out which grade/school gets what supplies.   Finally got it figured out and the backpacks filled.   I cannot believe that students have to supply things like dry erase markers, huge jugs of antibacterial hand cleaners, 24 – #2 pencils, 8  8oz bottles of glue…Elmers…no off brands…5 loose leaf binders of specific colors…and the lists went on and on.  Very specific on brands, styles, quantities.  I figured it cost around $60 per backpack.   How can the families with 3, 4 and more children possibly afford to buy school supplies???   We spent over $1200 for the supplies. Wild.

Got home to find the little hellions had torn up some rather costly artificial flowers in an arrangement while Ernie was outside working.   They’re climbing everything in sight…including our legs.  They soooo need to be outside.

We had a quickie Schwan’s dinner tonight…Fiesta Lime Chicken.  While I normally turn my nose up at frozen dinners, this was quite good.  I think I can duplicate it now.   Just enough heat to make one’s tongue tingle…and really good flavor.   All that done, kitchen clean, now it’s time to work on bindings and pray that tomorrow isn’t the 3rd Monday this week!