Sunday was a glorious day!

We had children and grandchildren here over the weekend.  The occassion?   Ernie was to be baptised in the Bayou on Sunday.  That didn’t quite work as the Bayou is way low and our water is way green.  During the invitational,  Lance, (our son) came forward, so we had a double baptisim!   One of our friends was also baptised.  Ernie and kids at church They were all baptised in the “horse trough” that serves as the church baptistry.  They were the first to ever be baptised in the trough!

Here they are after services, Lance, Ernie and our daughter, Laura.   From here, we went and had a nice dinner, then back to the house to mix up ice cream makings for an ice cream social in the evening.   The ice cream social featured about 8 kinds of home made ice cream, cookies, a strawberry pie and some singing.   For some of the kids, this was the first time they’d seen ice cream being made, and/or had home made ice cream.   I tried our vanilla with strawberries and slivered almondschoices, a little bit of strawberry sorbet and some of the banana nut…yum!   I had forgotten just how good home made tastes!

The singing was awesome and the couple singing invited “audience participation” on several songs and chorouses.  Very nice.   

We came home and collapsed on the couch, lol.  It was the perfect end to a really stressful couple of weeks.


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