Our little hellions are driving me nuts!

I absolutely love little kittens, but after not having baby kitties in the house for 21+ years, this is a good reminder of why!   They’re cute, they’re adorable, they’re little lovey puff balls…and they have CLAWS!  Little curved needles that they don’t know how to retract when they play, etc….the sofa is suffering, my legs look like I’ve been running through the cactus, they’ve learned to jump flat footed from the floor to one’s lap at the dinner table…and they only come with 2 speeds….full bore, pedal to the floor and comatose.  They’re driving us absolutely NUTSO.  

Here they are at nearly 8 weeks.blondie and bear 7 wks    They’ve already figured out about being in the kitchen…you know, that room with the big cold box (that we can climb in) where the good food comes from!   They get in any cabinet that’s opened and in the dishwasher.  I have to watch what I open and look for babies before I can close anything.   Bear (on the right) refuses to eat cat food of any variety and flavor.  He only wants Momma’s milk or what is on the table.  He’s going to be a garbage gut and would do well outside with mice and grasshoppers.  He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy.   Little Blondie loves dry cat food.  He’s the more laid back of the two.  He’s also the hardest running…going circles around Bear.   What a pair!




2 responses to “Our little hellions are driving me nuts!

  1. Well, they are adorable. That’s for sure I know what you mean about kitties and their climbing. We’ve had some that thought I was a tree trunk. What really hurts is when they leap to the center of the back and climb up!

  2. your kittens are adorable! this is a case in point of why i love blog surfing, too. i get all the benefits of kittens from your post without ANY of the button pushing, blood pressure raising antics of actual kittens. thanks for doling out my cutesy dose for the day!