Punkin Kat Update

Punkin Kat fooled the vet yesterday.   They expected to euthanize him yesterday AM but…when they arrived at the clinic, Punkin was sitting up to greet them.  Weak, but better.   He has been on fluids and antibiotics and they were force feeding him.  punk in a bucket

Ernie went by at lunchtime yesterday with food from home, but Punkin wasn’t interested.   I spent 45 minutes at the clinic after work petting and talking to Punkin.  I left him more food mixed with juices from the can and more water.   Vet said he left at 10:45PM and Punkin hadn’t eaten the food.  When they got back this AM,  the plate was nearly clean!   They gave him a little Valium and he ate for them this morning.   The Punk is home for the weekend.  I brought him in, bathed his nasty nether regions, used the blow drier and now he’s crashed behind the TV shelves.   They haven’t ruled out HYPERthyroidism (I told you wrong, Sheryl).   They do know his liver/kidneys are fine, and he’s not diabetic.   Punkin will have to go back on Monday for more bloodwork.  So, God willing,  our old Punkin Kat is on the mend.


4 responses to “Punkin Kat Update

  1. Oh, Poor Punkin,

    He has warm fuzzy thoughts wending his way. When they get up there in age it can be a struggle. Here’s to several more years of mouse-chasing and purring, ole fella.

    Pat pat,
    Auntie Deb