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       Punkin Kat

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Punkin Kat Update

Punkin Kat fooled the vet yesterday.   They expected to euthanize him yesterday AM but…when they arrived at the clinic, Punkin was sitting up to greet them.  Weak, but better.   He has been on fluids and antibiotics and they were force feeding him.  punk in a bucket

Ernie went by at lunchtime yesterday with food from home, but Punkin wasn’t interested.   I spent 45 minutes at the clinic after work petting and talking to Punkin.  I left him more food mixed with juices from the can and more water.   Vet said he left at 10:45PM and Punkin hadn’t eaten the food.  When they got back this AM,  the plate was nearly clean!   They gave him a little Valium and he ate for them this morning.   The Punk is home for the weekend.  I brought him in, bathed his nasty nether regions, used the blow drier and now he’s crashed behind the TV shelves.   They haven’t ruled out HYPERthyroidism (I told you wrong, Sheryl).   They do know his liver/kidneys are fine, and he’s not diabetic.   Punkin will have to go back on Monday for more bloodwork.  So, God willing,  our old Punkin Kat is on the mend.

Sick Kitty

Punkin Kat is a very very sick kitty tonight.  He’s at the vet all hooked up to IVs and it’s not looking good.   His white blood count was through the roof.   Major infections.    He’s going on 16 and has traveled the World with us.  Please keep him (and us) in your prayers. 

Happy Quilty Day

My friend, Wicked Wanda arrived on Saturday with a car full of batting and quilt tops….(and tomatoes, zuchinni bread, pickles…love those goodies!) and we commenced to load quilt tops and quilt.  This is what we had to show at the end of the day!  Pretty cool kid quilts.   All 3 of these are in the 42 x 62-65″ size and will eventually go to Mission of Hope.Wanda's quilts002

 Wanda's quilts003We tried our hands at custom quilting the blocks on these two with the Thimbleberries fabric…we both need practice, LOL.  They’re certainly acceptable and were fun to play on.Wanda's 3     We stopped long enough to have lunch and try out that zuchinni bread.  Such yummy stuff!   Things like that just don’t last long in our house.   It was a good day, we learned a few things about custom quilting, unpicked a stitch or two and learned a lot about tension and thread weights.

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The Wedding Quilt


The pattern is “Zen” designed by Amy Walsh and published in the February 2009 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting.     When done, it will become a wedding gift for our Son and future Daughter-in-Law.    This will finish out at 59″ x 70″ and be a great snuggle quilt for their new leather sofa/recliners.    I haven’t decided how I will quilt it, but surely that will come to me when it’s on the frame :)


play that funky music


This little quilt will go to a children’s shelter…I’ve named it “Play that Funky Music” as the border fabric has wild cats playing band instruments.  

The blocks are from a swap hosted by my friend ( partner n crime), Denise, on TQP.   I love the swaps…the blocks are always so cool!


Susan ~ Patchkat

A tale of 2 kittens: Bear and Blondie

These two little curtain climbers are adorable.   They’re people friendly, love to scamper and play.  Just wish Apatche would let them eat real food so we could move them to the great outdoors to learn about hunting and eating in the wild.bear and blonde 

Here they are in their normal evening position, curled up on the couch with Ernie.  Aren’t Bear’s eyes pretty!   He’s still a little fat fuzzbucket.  Blondie is a lover.  He hollers to be picked up and loves to play.

We’re already so attached to these little guys, it will be hard to give them away.   I need to start running ads as we’ve both already asked those we know.   Now we’ll have to “vet” possible owners, lol.   Not a job I ever relish, but we don’t want them going to just anybody.

Another good Stashbustin’ week!

I cut backing and binding for another quilt, got that one quilted, cut muslin yardage for more practice pieces, cut borders, backing and binding for another 44″ square quilt.  Having the HQ16 is good for my stashbusting efforts, lol.   I have plenty of completed tops and even more sets of swap blocks waiting to be set into tops.   The next few months should be full of good fabric usage!   Making room for better organization and some NEW fabric lines :)

Yardage purchased  this week – 0  yds 

Yardage used this week – 6.50 yds

Year to date purchased – 17.25 yds

Year to date used – 161.75 yds
This is my “Taste of Texas” quilt.   I quilted it, my DD, Christy, claimed it for her own.  I cut binding strips for her to attach at home.taste of texas   This was a Mystery Quilt designed by Sheryl Till from for our Texas “Vacation” in 2006.   We had a fun week of sewing and visiting.   The quilting was rather primative, but Christy felt she needed it, lol.   I think it will grace her entry stairwell.
This is one of 3 or 4 quilts from our vacation.